A Valentin nap története

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A Valentin nap története

A Valentin nap története

A Valentin nap története

Boldog Valentin napot! Ebben a videó leckében elmeséljük Neked, honnan ered a Valentin nap megünneplésének hagyománya.

The History of Valentine’s Day

Saint Valentine was a bishop who lived in the third century in Rome. He fought against Emperor Claudius II who bannned marriage between two young lovers.

Saint Valentine held the law of the church and helped lovers who came to him, uniting them in a holy matrimony, but it was only a matter of time before the Emperor heard about this and had him arrested.

Valentine was imprisoned. While waiting for his sentence, his jailor Asterius approached him to use his saintly power and heal his blind daughter. Valentine succeeded and her sight was restored — they became close and fell in love.

After a while, the Emperor asked Saint Valentine to agree with the Emperor about the ban on marriage, thus giving up his religion. Valentine refused.

Just before his execution, Valentine asked for a pen and paper and signed a farewell message to his lover, “from your Valentine”; a phrase that lived ever after.

Ha tetszett ez a videó lecke, oszd meg barátaiddal is! 



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