Brainmates – Üzleti angol szövegértés feladat

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Brainmates - Üzleti Angol Esettanulmány

Brainmates – Üzleti angol szövegértés feladat

Business English – Üzleti Angol

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Szövegértés és üzleti szókincs feladat. Esettanulmány a Brainmates cégről. Először hallgasd meg a videóban szereplő angol nyelvű interjút a cég vezetőjével. A második részben pedig oldd meg a szókincsfejlesztő feladatot. Találd meg a meghatározásokhoz illő kifejezéseket.


Brainmates is a product management consultancy based in Sydney. Founded in 2004, it was only nine months before a website was built. To help their business stand out from all the others online, CEO Adrienne Tan and the Brainmates team turned to blogging.

The benefits of blogging are twofold for Brainmates. While talking about product management and sharing their ideas allowed Brainmates to build their credibility in the market as experts in their field, it has also improved their search engine optimisation (SEO). Now their website ranks highly in search engine results for many key search terms.

Video transcript:

My name is Andrienne Tan, and I’m the CEO of Brainmates. Brainmates is a product management consulting and training firm. We started in 2004 in Sydney, in a kitchen.

Created our online presence probably about nine months after we started the business around 2005. It was a great way to promote what we did; great way to get new customers, but more importantly it was also a good way to communicate with the product management community globally.

We started a blog, and it was an opportunity to write what we thought about product management. And also we knew that once we started to write content SEO would be improved.

SEO is search engine optimisation. I liken it to starting a business in a desert. You might have this great business idea and you’re in the middle of nowhere and its desert, there’s nobody around you. And you really want to get people to find you, so you want to get tonnes of traffic to come through your space and in order to that you really need to tell people where you are. And so, writing content about product management means that when people start to search for you, you’re blog or your website rises to the top and hopefully you’re on the front page of Google.

We used WordPress, and we’re still on WordPress. So its template driven, you press a button and put some pictures in and start writing some text.

So it started with a blog in 2005, and as social media started to take off, we certainly were part of that change, so we started off on Twitter about three, four years ago. We have a presence on Linkedin, so we have a company profile on Linkedin, we’re on Instagram, we’re on Facebook, and we use all those different sorts of channels to talk about what we do, but in different ways, so Linkedin is about our company and what our company produces. We put out white papers on there; we use SlideShare as well so we put up all our white papers and presentation text, really telling the business community what we do.

In terms of Facebook it’s a little bit more fun, so we put up lots of photo’s, where we’ve been, what we do during the day, who our clients are so people get to see that there’s human beings behind this concept of consulting and training.

On Twitter we post regularly and we talk about product management, really the subject matter that we specialise in.

Setting up, anything these days is so easy online, we use Eventbrite. We just have a link, so we go into Eventbrite we create an account, we put in all our event information, we setup ticket sales and look it’s step by step it’s very easy for anybody to get on there and setup an event. Then we put that link on our website so that once you’ve read something about the training course or the event you want to go to, you just click on a link and it takes you to Eventbrite where you can register. The reason why we do all of that is because it’s a seamless transaction, people don’t have to think about it, you remove that barrier of sale.

We started global product management chat probably about two, two and half years ago. So we met this lady in San Francisco, online, and she said look I want to start a talk about product management, what we do. So we used Eventbrite again, and we set out a registration for the event. The event, unlike a face-to-face event, we say look it’s on Twitter and in order to follow the conversation you actually use a hashtag. So we might create you know ‘prodmgmttalk’. So if you type in a hashtag in Twitter at a particular time, you will see us talking about a certain topic.

We can’t imagine running Brainmates without the internet, absolutely not. And the reason why we’ve sort of grown is because of the internet. Nobody would have known that we were here if we didn’t put our website up, if we didn’t talk about it, if we didn’t promote ourselves. And its helped immensely. It’s how we do business, there is no differentiation between online and offline, it is just business.

Credits: Commonwealth of Australia

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