Cheap Sheds – Üzleti angol szövegértés feladat

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Cheap Sheds - Üzleti Angol Esettanulmány

Cheap Sheds – Üzleti angol szövegértés feladat

Business English – Üzleti Angol

Case study – Esettanulmány

Hallás utáni szövegértés feladat. Esettanulmány a Cheap Sheds cégről. Hallgasd meg a videóban szereplő angol nyelvű interjút a cég vezetőjével. A szöveges átiratot a videó alatt olvashatod el.

Cheap Sheds

As a horticulturist and landscape gardener by trade Krisztian Panczel, identified a niche online opportunity while out shopping for a garden shed.

With an idea and some entrepreneurial spirit, Krisztian and his wife Maria, started researching how to build this idea into a business. They established Cheap Sheds Pty Ltd in 2008, with the goal of creating an online retailer that provided the ‘best possible experience for the customer’.

Video transcript:

Krisztian Panczel: My name is Krisztian Panczel and I’m the managing director here of, and the whole idea behind that website or our company Cheap Sheds Pty Ltd to one platform and basically become central platform, for people who want to purchase a garden shed, a car port, a garage, aviaries or pool pump cover kit, so that’s what we basically do.

Yeah so, basically our whole company is online, so we do everything online. How we approach the whole experience, is from the customer point of view, so how we can create a better experience for the customers.

So being on all the platforms that we possibly can, from eBay to our own website to all the social media sites, and creating communications channels between, our customer service team and the customers, that is how we approach it.

So that’s why we so widely spread, so if you look at our website obviously the visitors can call us straight away, from our number. They can go to our contact us form, and just contact us, and we normally get back within hours. And we go the live chat, which is covered from 8am to 8pm, so that’s just a very convenient way, for visitors ask questions and get answers instantly.

You really come to the realisation, that how people consume, our content and how they actually look at it, that presence has changed because, they can use their iPad and look up information, on our website and even purchase on our website. While they are travelling on a bus, or even watching TV, so people actually or visitors looking at our internet presence, while consuming other media. So we definitely wanted to make sure we accommodate that, and as a first step for us it was creating a mobile app.

After the purchase they can, just go out on a portable device like an iPhone or an iPad and watch the assembly process and videos while actually assembling their product. If they need to contact us from the spot, they can just you know, tap a button and that calls our office straight away. They can also instantly send pictures, so if they are assembling and they happen to get stuck, or they have any questions, they can actually take a picture of any parts or anything during the assembly process and just send that picture to our customer service team in an email straight away. So just really looking at ways how we can make the customer process and customer experience better and better.

Overall we believe that purchasing a shed online is a better experience than in a hardware store, because our visitors don’t have to leave their home. However, these videos we really have produced the offline experience on our pages and our website, so it’s like looking around the shed and then talking to someone at a hardware store or something like that, all on our webpages.

I personally believe that every single, regardless of the product or the niche, and everything single e-commerce store all should really have videos and talking about the products.

I personally believe that operating from home really gives us a lot of efficiencies so we can pass that on to our customers. It is to me the future and a great way to do business. Because us as a company, as Cheap Sheds there are a few things we are very concerned about, and one of them is the customer experience to make sure we delivered the best possible experience with the best possible product. The other one is the environmental footprint, that as a company we leave behind. But, I seriously believe, that it’s basically the future of running efficient online businesses. There are a lot of online applications, base camp, HQ for example, base camp project management software that we use to communicate with our team, and manage the ‘to do’s’ on a day to day basis. It’s a better lifestyle for everyone, our team members are happier, that comes across and filters through to customers as well so, not to mention the fact that we don’t have to travel, our team members don’t have to travel so we are taking cars of the road.

I believe that our company’s not just there to supply a product and then just be another business in the endless World Wide Web universe but really there to make a difference and think about the customers and set industry standards high, so everyone who’s looking at ever purchasing a garden shed, or a car port, or a garage, or an aviary or a pool pump cover online will ultimately have a better experience because Cheap Sheds done what we’ve been working on.
So this is what we are basically about here at, to supply storage units and create the best possible customer experience along the way.

Credits: Commonwealth of Australia

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