Tanuljunk angolul filmekből – Vakáció


Tanuljunk angolul filmekből – Vakáció

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Tanuljunk Angolul Filmekből

Ma a Vakáció című amerikai vígjátékból tanulunk meg egy hasznos kifejezést.


Today we are taking a phrase from the movie Vacation. It is a comedy about a family taking a vacation like the one the dad took with his family 30 years ago. The phrase we want you to learn is “stand on its own.”

So here is today’s vocabulary quiz.

Quiz: What does that mean “to stand on its own”?

  1. stay in one place
  2. be independent of others

Let’s take a look and see if you are correct.

The family is going on vacation. Even though the dad made the same trip when he was a child, this vacation will be different. It will have its own identity and memories and stand on its own.

Ha tetszett ez a lecke, oszd meg ismerőseiddel is a közösségi oldalakon!

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