Tell Vilmos – Angol történet

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Tell Vilmos - Angol történet

Tell Vilmos – Angol történet

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E-Angol Képeskönyv 

William Tell 

Rövid történet 

Biztosan ismerős neked Tell Vilmos neve, aki nyilával eltalálta a fia fejére tett almát. Olvassuk el és hallgassuk meg a teljes történetet angolul. Szint: Alapfokú – Középhaladó.

William Tell

William Tell lives near Lake Lucerne, in Switzerland, with his young son, Carl.
Every day, in the town near Tell’s house, Baron Gessler makes everyone bow to his hat. They are all afraid of him.
One day, Tell and his son go to the town. They walk past the Baron’s hat without bowing. Just then, Gessler arrives.
‘What’s this?’ he says. ‘Bow to my hat, you dogs!’
‘Never!’ says Tell.
‘Take him!’ shouts Gessler to his men. ‘For this you must die, Tell!’ cries Gessler angrily.
But Tell is not afraid. Then Gessler looks at the apple in his hand, and smiles. ‘Wait… Shoot through this apple, my friend, and you can live.’
‘All right,’ says Tell.
‘Take the boy to that tree and put the apple on his head!’ Baron Gessler tells his men, and he laughs.
Tell takes two arrows out, and gets ready to shoot.
‘You can do it, Father!’ shouts Carl. ‘Don’t be afraid.’
William Tell shoots one arrow at son, and… it goes through the apple and into the tree!
‘Why have you got a new arrow ready?’ asks an angry Gessler.
‘To shoot you, Baron,’ says Tell.
‘Take him to my castle!’ Gessler tells his men angrily.
The Baron’s men take Tell to a boat on the lake.
‘Run, Carl!’ shouts Tell to his son.
People throw things at the Baron. They aren’t afraid of him any more.
When the boat is out on the lake, there’s a bad storm.
‘Let’s get Tell to help us!’ shout the Baron’s men. ‘He’s good with boats.’
So Tell steers the boat. But soon there are rocks in front of them!
‘What are you doing?’ Gessler shouts at him.
Tell jumps from the boat before it hits the rocks. Suddenly, Gessler and his men are in the water!
‘You’re a dead man, William Tell!’ shouts the Baron angrily. ‘And every man, woman and child in the town must die with you, too!’
Tell says nothing. He takes an arrow and shoots Gessler. The Baron falls into the lake-and does not come up again.

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