Párbeszédek – Utazás: A reptéren

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Párbeszédek - Utazás: A reptéren

Párbeszédek – Utazás: A reptéren

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Párbeszédek – Utazás

A reptéren

A második leckében három – a reptéren és a repülőgépen elhangzó – beszélgetést találunk. Az első a reptéri becsekkolás, a második egy kis csevegés a légi utaskísérővel, a harmadik pedig a vámmentes áruk vásárlásáról szól. Mindhárom párbeszéd után jön a kiemelt mondatok gyakorlása. A beszélgetés teljes szövegét is elolvashatod a video alatt.

At the Airport


Good morning, sir. Can I see your ticket and passport?

Certainly. There you are.

Thank you….OK. How many suitcases will you be checking in?

Just one suitcase.

Did you pack your bags yourself?

Yes, I did.

Do you have any electrical goods?

I have an electric shaver in my hand luggage. Is that OK?

That’s fine. So nothing in your suitcase?


OK. Would you like a window or an aisle seat?

A window seat, please.

OK. Just one moment. This is your seat number and the departure gate. You can go straight through to the departure lounge. Enjoy your fight.

What time will we be boarding?

Oh, we begin boarding at 7.

OK. Thank you.


On the plane

Would you like a newspaper to read, madam?

No, thank you.

Would you like a newspaper to read, sir? Sir? Sir?


Would you like a newspaper to read, sir?

Yeah, I’ll take the Daily Mail.

There you go, sir.

Thank you. It’ll help take my mind off things. I’m always a little nervous before flying.

Oh well, try not to worry too much. You know air flight is the safest form of travel.

I know. I’m sure I’ll be better after we take off.

You know we have some fight entertainment for you, too.

You’ll find the film guide in the pocket in front of you, our in-flight magazine.

Oh good. A nice film will help me to relax.

Programs will start shortly after take-off. If there’s anything I can get for you, then please just call for assistance.

When will dinner be served?

In about an hour or so. We have fish, steak and a vegetarian option. Which one would you like?

Fish, please.

OK. I’ll be back later. Now please just try to relax and enjoy the flight.


Duty-free goods

Sir, have you seen the catalogue for our in-flight shop?

This one?

That’s it. Would you like to order any duty free goods?

Yes, please. Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, all major credit cards are accepted but purchases must not exceed 500 US dollars.

OK, I’d like this bottle of Scotch whisky, please.At 34 dollars?

Right. That will be one bottle of Johnnie Walker malt whisky. Is there anything else you’d like, sir?

Yes. I’d like these titanium sunglasses.

Yes, they are priced at 145 US dollars. Will that be all, sir?

Yes, that’s everything, thanks.

The total bill comes to 179 US dollars. Can I have your credit card, please?


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